Encapsulation: To Control, Protect & Deliver


Encapsulation controls undesirable chemical interactions in foods, supplements and pharmaceutical actives, thereby improving product quality and extending shelf life.


Balchem's consistently high quality products begin as carefully selected raw materials.  An active water-soluble ingredient is combined with water-insoluable coating material in a proprietary process maintained under stringent controls.  Multiple thin layers of protective coating are applied to the particle to achieve full coverage.

Balchem products exhibit excellent handling characteristics in a production environment, with a significant reduction in clumping, dusting and strong odors, as compared to their unencapsulated counterparts.  Encapsulates are uniform, relatively smooth-surfaced granules, with excellent barrier properties against the harsh conditions and agents typical of food processing operations.

Balchem encapsulates are designed to exhbit consistent and reliable functionality that is specific to their end use.  Active ingredients are released in a food system when desired, by the combined effects of elevated temperature, physical force and mositure.