We depend on animals for food and for companionship, and Balchem recognizes the impact uniquely tailored nutritional products have on improving health and productivity.

Our growing portfolio of products includes rumen-protected nutrients, chelated trace minerals, and novel processing additives that enhance health across a spectrum of species, including:

Aquaculture | Beef | Companion | Dairy | Equine | Poultry | Swine

From choline production to encapsulation technology, our Animal Nutrition & Health division has spent more than 50 years developing innovative manufacturing and animal nutrient solutions that are scientifically supported and results driven.

In every relationship, we support our partners with:

  • Real People who have a passion for animal nutrition and know how to address its challenges.
  • Real Science with some of the most extensively researched success stories in the industry.
  • Real Results that exceed your expectations for yield and maximize your bottom line.

Solutions to advance agriculture

As a leader in food and feed production technologies, Balchem is perfectly positioned to help drive the innovations that will change the future; helping producers accomplish more with less, discovering unique products that will produce food most efficiently; moving us toward a more secure and sustainable future.

Visit our Plant Nutrition page to learn more about how Balchem’s comprehensive agricultural offerings for crop production.

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The Latest in Animal Nutrition & Health

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