Balchem is committed to improving the health and productivity of beef cattle. Our extensive line of specialty nutrient solutions helps optimize digestion, meet trace mineral requirements, and improve overall animal performance.

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  • Fibrase: A microbial feed complement that improves the digestion and metabolism of key nutrients and proteins to support increased production and profitability.
  • KeyShure® Precision Release Minerals: Chelated with hydrolyzed protein to improve stability and reduce reactivity with other minerals, vitamins, and nutrients.
  • NitroShure™ Precision Release Nitrogen: Provides a consistent nitrogen supply to rumen microbes. This helps maximize microbial protein yield and improve dry matter digestibility. NitroShure is a valuable tool helping producers and nutritionists reduce ration costs while increasing the amount of high-quality protein available for maximizing productivity.
  • SoluKey™ Chelated Organic Trace Minerals: Ideal for water applications and for improving product homogeneity in high moisture applications. SoluKey chelated minerals stand up to antagonists in animal feed to deliver high bioavailability that supports optimal health and performance.
  • VitaShure®-C Precision Release Vitamin C: A feed-stable, encapsulated source of Vitamin C for all species of animals. Ascorbic acid is encapsulated using a lipid coating system to protect the nutrient from being destroyed. Raw ascorbic acid is often lost during common feed manufacturing processes or through prolonged storage, making supplements containing raw ascorbic acid inconsistent.

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