Our dogs and cats are an important part of the family, and we are here to provide new solutions to improve their diet and nutrition.

New PetShure® delivers specialty nutrients, functional ingredients, and sensory inclusions specifically designed to solve today’s technical and innovation challenges while shaping the future of the pet food industry.

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  • PetShure® pH Control Systems: Leverages Balchem’s expertise in ingredient encapsulation to create controlled-release acidulants that reliably restrict acidic reactions. This allows products to retain color, texture, and flavor while extending shelf-life and improving production processed.
  • PetShure® Porosity and Texture Management: Encapsulated controlled release leavening agents that provide greater process flexibility for pre-baking and new options for creating novel products with different textures, density, caloric content, and consumer appeal.
  • PetShure® Sensory Systems: Lipid-based inclusions add color and aroma to your baked treats with minimal impact on moisture content or product formulation. Include these consumer-preferred options to excite the senses while still meeting your needs for function and performance.
  • PetShure® Structuring and Forming Technologies: Consists of two parts, sodium alginate and calcium lactate. Alginate produces a thermo-irreversible gel in the presence of calcium, which forms and binds small protein components into a singular shape. With PetShure™ Structuring & Forming Technologies, you can transform protein components into high-quality, high-value solid meat products that handle and process just like whole muscle meat.


  • Albion® Minerals: Balchem's line of chelated minerals for human nutrition are available for companion animal applications and are Kosher and Halal certified.
  • PetShure® Choline: Made with the highest industry standards for choline production. By sourcing the best raw ingredients, manufacturing them in world-class facilities, maintaining complete supply chain control, and holding ourselves to the strictest manufacturing standards, you can have complete confidence that the product you purchase is of premium quality. Regular audits and our open-door policy for clients offer complete transparency to address your needs.
  • SoluKey™ Chelated Organic Trace Minerals: Ideal for improving product homogeneity in pet foods with high moisture content.

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