Balchem is committed to improving the health and productivity of dairy cattle and other dairy ruminants. Our extensive line of specialty nutrient solutions delivers the precision nutrition, gut health, and overall ration improvements you need for optimum profitability.

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  • NiaShure™ Precision Release Niacin: An encapsulated form of niacin that delivers eight times more bioavailable niacin to the small intestine. Niacin aids in reducing heat stress by helping cows dissipate heat more effectively, minimizing the impact on health and production.
  • ReaShure® Precision Release Choline: is an encapsulated choline protected from degradation in the rumen. The benefits of feeding ReaShure extend far beyond just increased milk production. Improving the liver’s ability to process the NEFA surge experienced during transition helps cows avoid metabolic disease, providing for a smoother start to their lactation.
  • VitaShure®-C Precision Release Vitamin C: A feed-stable, encapsulated source of Vitamin C for all species of animals. Ascorbic acid is encapsulated using a lipid coating system to protect the nutrient from being destroyed. Raw ascorbic acid is often lost during common feed manufacturing processes or through prolonged storage, making supplements containing raw ascorbic acid inconsistent.


  • AminoShure®-XM Precision Release Methionine: is the next generation in rumen-protected methionine, utilizing an all-natural lipid coating to protect it from being destroyed in the rumen. This revolutionary product was engineered to bypass the rumen and release its methionine payload gradually in the small intestine to provide a greater impact on milk protein synthesis.
  • NitroShure™ Precision Release Nitrogen: Provides a consistent nitrogen supply to rumen microbes. This helps maximize microbial protein yield and improve dry matter digestibility. NitroShure is a valuable tool helping producers and nutritionists reduce ration costs while increasing the amount of high-quality protein available for maximizing productivity.



  • KeyShure® Precision Release Minerals: Offers the winning combination of quality and value. You get the exceptional quality you expect from a world-class manufacturer and the no-frills, value-based pricing you need to maximize profitability.
  • SoluKey™ Chelated Organic Trace Minerals: Ideal for water applications and for improving product homogeneity in high moisture applications. SoluKey chelated minerals stand up to antagonists in animal feed to deliver high bioavailability that supports optimal health and performance.

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