Balchem is committed to maximizing the health and performance of swine at all phases of life. Our extensive line of specialty nutrient solutions delivers the required nutrients and minerals necessary for productivity and the feed safety and gut health required by consumers.

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  • Amasil™ Formic Acid: Works by lowering feed pH, creating a less favorable environment for bacteria to reduce feed-borne pathogen populations and decrease microbial intake. A reduction in pH also lowers the buffering capacity, which can improve the efficacy of many digestive enzymes and lead to improved feed efficiency and growth.
  • Choline Chloride: Choline is a biochemical building block and precursor to numerous compounds involved in supporting life. Choline plays a key role in the development and structural integrity of brain cell membranes, improves cognitive function, helps metabolize fat in the liver, enhances reproductive development, and supports growth and bone development.
  • KeyShure® Precision Release Minerals: Offers the winning combination of quality and value. You get the exceptional quality you expect from a world-class manufacturer and the no-frills, value-based pricing you need to maximize profitability.
  • SoluKey™ Chelated Organic Trace Minerals: Ideal for water applications and for improving product homogeneity in high moisture applications. SoluKey chelated minerals stand up to antagonists in animal feed to deliver high bioavailability that supports optimal health and performance.

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