The crisp crust-crack of a fresh artisan bread. The buttery taste of an oven-baked blueberry muffin. The deep aroma of a warm cinnamon roll.

Our senses go wild for bakery products, and Balchem Ingredient Solutions lift sensory experiences with proprietary ingredients.

We collaborate with our partners to solve the challenges they face today—shelf life, flavor delivery, cost reduction—to empower them to shape baked goods that they and their customers can enjoy.

Our ingredients are used to better baked goods in a variety of segments:

  • Pan & Artisan Breads
  • Sweet Goods
  • Tortillas & Flatbreads
  • Frozen Products
  • Baking Mixes

Browse our ingredient offering for baked goods:

  • BakeShure®: encapsulated ingredients used to boost quality and consistency through pH optimization, flavor delivery, leavening control, moisture control, and antimicrobial preservation
  • Centennial™: powdered soy, canola, and coconut fats used to enhance creaminess, opacity, and adhesive properties in buttermilk pancake and waffle mixes, white cake mix, cheese sauce mix, cheese-flavored soups, chocolate pudding mix, and biscuit mix
  • Inclusions: Convenient, one-step addition of flavor, aroma, color, and texture.
  • Jerzee™: creaming agents to improve taste, texture, and mouthfeel of hot chocolates, cappuccinos, chai teas, smoothies, nutritional beverages, meal replacement products, prepared meals, side dishes, soups, sauces, and more
  • QuIC Whip™: used to develop firm whipped toppings and heavy filling for pies, mousses, and cheesecake
  • RICHMIX®: premium creamer for hot chocolates, cappuccinos, chai teas, smoothies, nutritional beverages, and more
  • Shelf-stable Bakery Fillings: Available in a variety of flavors for in-store bakery preparation.

Learn more about our baked good capabilities, and then explore the other food markets we serve:

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