From a decadent scoop of toasted marshmallow ice cream swirled with chocolate chips and graham cracker inclusions to a frozen bar dipped in a crisp chocolate coating, dairy products provide wholesome goodness and nutrition.

Whether you need a vitamin-packed smoothie or a cool, creamy cup of holiday nog, we help companies turn creative ice cream and dairy ideas into innovative products. We can help you discover or customize flavor solutions and textures to stay on trend and make your brand memorable.

Our ingredients are used to create delicious dairy products in a variety of segments:

  • Frozen Desserts: flavor bases, low melt-point inclusions, sherbet bases, fruit solid packs, variegates, novelties, coatings, syrups, toppings
  • Dairy Beverages: chocolate dairy powders, flavored milks, tea, lemonade, juice, eggnogs, syrups, smoothies, single-serve products, vitamins
  • Cultured: flavor bases, variegates, fruit solid packs, vitamins, side cars

Browse our ingredient offering for dairy:

  • Betrflakes®: Low melt-point flakes that provide superior mouthfeel and flavor release in ice creams, frozen desserts, and toppings.
  • Choco-Flakes™: Milk, dark, and white chocolate-flavored flakes that improve mouthfeel and flavor release in ice creams and frozen dessert toppings.
  • Chocolate Dairy Powders
  • Eggnog Bases
  • Flavor Bases
  • Flavor Systems
  • Frozen Dessert Systems
  • Juice & Dairy Bases
  • Kalva®: Compound coating products for dipping soft serve cones, ice cream, and coating frozen novelties. We offer flavors from the popular—chocolate, strawberry—to the unique—butterscotch, cherry, blue raspberry, bubble gum, and more.
  • Liquid Chip
  • Milk Replacers
  • Solid Packs
  • Syrups
  • Tea & Lemonade Bases
  • Variegates
  • Vita-Rite®: Vitamin A, Palmitate, and Vitamin D3 supplements used in dairy and functional beverages.
  • Vitamin Emulsions

Learn more about our dairy capabilities, and then explore the other food markets we serve:

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