We are the United States’ leading provider of repackaged Ethylene Oxide (EO), used primarily for medical device sterilization.

EO is exceptionally effective as a sterilant, and is one of the leading methods used by the medical device sterilization industry. EO uniquely penetrates through packaging materials and into the channels and crevices of complicated medical devices, destroying pathogens and assuring sterility of the product.

Ethylene Oxide is able to destroy microorganisms at low temperatures and is compatible with a wide range of materials of construction. For those reasons, EO is used on a very wide variety of devices, from common everyday medical supplies such as bandages, sutures, and syringes, to complex and sensitive devices such as pacemakers, blood oxygenators, and duodenoscopes. Due to its versatility, EO is the most widely used sterilant method for healthcare products.

Ethylene Oxide

EO is also utilized to sterilize, fumigate, and reduce microbial load for a variety of industries and uses:

  • Medical devices
  • Laboratory materials
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Aseptic packaging
  • Cosmetics
  • Artifacts, archival material, and library objects
  • Spices and seasonings (to eliminate bacteria, fungi, and insects)

EO is also utilized in a variety of chemical synthesis and laboratory applications.

Pure EO, when utilized for sterilization or fumigation, can be used only in sterilizing chambers specifically designed for use with 100% EO that meet FDA requirements and are used in strict accordance with instructions as supplied by the sterilizer manufacturer.

Typical Ethylene Oxide cylinder sizes:

  • 400-pound 1A1 Drum
  • 175-pound DOT cylinder
  • 20-pound DOT cylinder
  • ½-pound DOT lecture bottle

Ethylene Oxide is a colorless gas that is heavier than air at room temperatures. It has a sweet, ether-like odor and is hazardous and extremely flammable. When using EO, it is critical to partner with an experienced supplier like Balchem.All users and handlers of EO must read and understand the OSHA Ethylene Oxide Standard. For specific information regarding the proper and safe handling of Ethylene Oxide, please click here to review our Safety Data Sheet, EO Handling Guide, and Emergency Response Guide.

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