We supply Propylene Oxide (PPO), which can be used to control microbiological spoilage and as an insecticidal fumigant in nuts and spices.

Propylene Oxide

PPO is registered under EPA FIFRA regulations for fumigation of nutmeats, spices, dried fruits, cacao beans and powder, and more.

Typical Propylene Oxide cylinder sizes:

  • 20-pound DOT cylinder
  • 175-pound DOT cylinder
  • 375-pound DOT cylinder
  • 785-pound DOT cylinder

Propylene Oxide is a highly reactive compound that is colorless, extremely flammable, and moderately toxic, so those handling Propylene Oxide should be familiar with its potential hazards. It is critical to partner with an experienced supplier like Balchem when working with this hazardous chemical.

For specific information regarding the proper and safe handling of Propylene Oxide, please review the following materials:

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