Always exploring applications for choline and other raw materials, Balchem manufactures and supplies solutions for the oil and natural gas industry.

Choline chloride and choline bicarbonate offer more attractive, effective, and environmentally responsible clay stabilizers, which heighten production rates and lower costs for the oil and natural gas industry. The industry uses clay stabilizers to mitigate the challenges drilling and stimulation present, including wellbore instability, cuttings disintegration, bit balling, fines migration, and permeability reduction.

Our choline chloride reduces the amount of chlorides released into the environment by up to 75%, when compared to the traditionally used potassium chloride (KCL). Choline has numerous advantages over KCL and other traditional clay stabilizers, including:

  • Biodegradability and reduction in the amount of chlorides
  • Superior performance and use at much lower levels
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of other fracturing fluid components, including surfactants, friction reducers, biocides, cross-linkers, and breakers
  • Minimization in chemical handling, including pre-mixing and saltwater disposal
  • Flexibility for use in all environments

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