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Always innovating to expand our portfolio of nutrient delivery systems, Balchem’s Plant Nutrition division guides growers to healthier and higher yielding plants with amino acid chelated minerals for foliar applications.

For more than a half century, we’ve harnessed our expertise to develop a unique, patented two-step approach to correct mineral deficiencies in plants. We determine the optimal mineral balance for plant health for a specific plant using our patented analytical method called the T.E.A.M.® analysis program.

We then leverage our Metalosate product range, utilizing patented amino acid chelate technology. The Metalosate products deliver mineral nutrients where the plants need it the most, faster and more efficiently. As a result, the farmer/grower gets healthier crops that are more resistant to disease and pests, larger yields, and healthier food for the consumer with extended shelf life for the produce being shipped long distances. 

Our Plant Nutrition sales representatives are either certified agronomists or horticulturists, giving them the background to understand your needs and provide optimal service. Selling in over 50 countries worldwide, we use a host of local distribution partners who sell directly to commercial growers. Metalosate products are used on crops like pineapple, bananas, coffee, table grapes, pecans, almonds, apples, cherries, pears, blueberries, strawberries, and more.

  • Disease and pest resistance
  • Larger yields
  • Extended shelf life
  • Healthier food for consumers

Metalosate is available in two forms: liquid foliars and organic soluble powders.

The Latest in Plant Nutrition

Liquid Foliars

Designed for foliar application on plants, Metalosate liquids prevent or correct nutrient deficiencies to facilitate optimal growth and yields. Our patented formulation and manufacturing processes ensure your plants receive the most absorbable, highest quality nutrition available. Metalosate liquid foliars are available for a variety of chelated minerals and combinations thereof:

Organic Soluble Powders

Our powder products meet the rigorous standards of the National Organic Program, making them suitable for any organic producer in the United States. We also have approvals for OMRI, CDFA, BCS, Ecocert, and Miacert. They are designed for foliar application on plants to prevent or correct nutrient deficiencies that may limit crop growth and yields. Metalosate powders are available in a variety of chelated minerals and combinations thereof:

Metalosate soluble powders have been verified to comply with 7 CFR, Part 205 United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program.

Usage tips for Metalosate Organic Powders

Initially, Metalosate Soluble Powders will require special mixing attention. Like any powder, Metalosate Soluble Powders have a tendency to clump when introduced to liquids. Because of this, we have taken every step possible within the requirements of National Organic Program to make these materials as user-friendly as possible.

Care should be taken to ensure that the materials are fully mixed and dispersed throughout the spray tank. One way to ensure proper dispersion is to place the required amount of powder into a bucket of water. After fully mixing, the product can be added to the spray tank. You can then mix the next spray tank worth of powder in a bucket and let it hydrate while spraying the first load. This makes the mixing much easier. Additional methods of dispersal include:

  • Use an inductor system.
  • Wash the product through the anti-splash screen on the top of the spray tank.
  • Add a small amount of organically approved mineral oil as a dispersing agent.

Our goal is to help make your job a little easier and your day more productive. If you should need anything further don’t hesitate to contact us.

Solutions to Advance Agriculture

Balchem knows that feeding our rapidly growing world means improving health in every part of the food chain, from plants to animals to you. Visit our Animal Nutrition & Health business unit to learn how Balchem can be your comprehensive agricultural nutrition provider, improving the yield of both your crops and your livestock.

How to Use

Metalosate products are formulated for application directly onto plants as a foliar spray. This bypasses the reactions in the soil which can make the elements unavailable. Research studies have shown that Metalosate chelated minerals go to work within hours of application. This means there is less chance of the nutrients being washed off by rain or overhead irrigation. Visual responses are often observed within a few days of treatment where severe deficiencies exist.

Metalosate products can be included in a total spray program on any crop. They can be tank mixed with most crop protection chemicals. All of the liquid Metalosate products are easy to measure and pour. Since there are no solubility problems they will not settle to the bottom of tanks or clog screens and nozzles. They are not abrasive and will not cause wear on spray equipment.

T.E.A.M. Analysis Program

Why Analyze?

Plant tissue analysis is an extremely helpful tool in determining the nutritional needs of plants. It directly indicates the exact amount of each mineral that the plant is removing from the soil and from fertilizer and accumulating in the leaves.

Each analysis will represent a part of the overall crop-nutrition picture. Plant-tissue analysis is also a very effective way to determine if the current fertility program is efficient or if there are ways to modify it to achieve an increased benefit. Visual symptoms of mineral deficiencies are oftentimes a misleading method of diagnosing the nutritional status of plants because the symptoms of different nutrient deficiencies are similar in appearance. Also, non-nutritional problems can appear very similar to deficiencies.

Advantages of Balchem’s T.E.A.M.® Evaluation

Balchem’s unique program—Technical Evaluation of Albion Minerals (T.E.A.M.®) assists growers in the interpretation of plant tissue analysis results. Balchem’s T.E.A.M. analysis evaluates how much of each nutrient is found in the tissue and compares that finding against its optimal level. The T.E.A.M. program also measures the relationships between minerals by ranking minerals based on their limitation to optimal crop production.

Recommendations to correct nutrient deficiencies or imbalances are provided in your T.E.A.M. report. In the case of macronutrients (N, P, K, and S), foliar application of minerals should only be considered a supplement to the elements being supplied by the soil. In most cases, soil applications of these elements will be required in addition to the recommended foliar sprays. The amount of Metalosate T.E.A.M. recommends will be adequate to satisfy the needs of the crop at the time of analysis. This allows for more efficient translocation of the minerals within the plant tissue. It is best to split the T.E.A.M. recommendations into multiple applications made over a two-to-four week period.

When determining plant nutritional needs, plant tissue analysis can provide important information. The ability to accurately interpret the results of a tissue test is critical to success. Balchem’s unique T.E.A.M. reporting system provides you with all the necessary information you need to accurately diagnose and address specific nutritional problems.

For more information on our T.E.A.M. Analysis Program, please click here


Metalosate products can be applied to crops with less concern for phytotoxicity. Because the absorption of the amino acid chelates is so efficient, much lower application rates of the mineral can be used to achieve measurable responses. Effective rates of Metalosate products can be used on sensitive crops without such problems as burning of leaves or marking of fruit or flowers.

Stability Advantage of Balchem’s Metalosate Amino Acid Chelates

The advantages of using amino acids as the ligand for chelating nutritive metals present unique qualities in stability. The bonding strengths of the ligand are strong enough for the molecules to remain intact through application and absorption, but not so strong as to resist breakdown for metabolic usage of the metal ions by the plant. This fact alone is what gives Metalosate such a unique advantage over other forms of mineral nutrition on the market today.

Other advantages of Metalosate amino acid chelates over competitors include:

  1. Easily absorbable due to small molecular size.
  2. The ligands are not synthetic or foreign to living systems, but are actually required by them. The amino acid is metabolized by the plant, not sloughed leaving it to leach into the water table like some chelating agents. The plant has a natural affinity for metabolizing the amino acid ligands.
  3. Ease of passage of the chelate containing the mineral through the cuticle and cell wall barriers and into the cells of the plants.

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