Balchem is a leading supplier of amino acid chelates and specialty gases and liquids, for uses ranging from plant nutrition to the safety of our foods to the sterilization of our medical devices. We have the packaging and distribution know-how to ensure the safe and responsible delivery of these products.

Plant Nutrition

For more than a half century, we’ve harnessed our expertise to develop a unique, patented two-step approach to correct mineral deficiencies in plants. We determine the optimal mineral balance for plant health for a specific plant using our patented analytical method called the T.E.A.M.® analysis program.

We then leverage our Metalosate product range, utilizing patented amino acid chelate technology. The Metalosate products deliver mineral nutrients where the plants need it the most, faster and more efficiently. As a result, the farmer/grower gets healthier crops that are more resistant to disease and pests, larger yields and healthier food for the consumer with extended shelf life for the produce being shipped long distances. 

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Ethylene Oxide

We are the United States’ leading provider of repackaged Ethylene Oxide (EO), used primarily for medical device sterilization.

EO is exceptionally effective as a sterilant, and is one of the leading methods used by the medical device sterilization industry. EO uniquely penetrates through packaging materials and into the channels and crevices of complicated medical devices, destroying pathogens and ensuring sterility of the product.

Ethylene Oxide is able to destroy microorganisms at low temperatures and is compatible with a wide range of materials of construction. For those reasons, EO is used on a very wide variety of devices, from common everyday medical supplies such as bandages, sutures, and syringes, to complex and sensitive devices such as pacemakers, blood oxygenators, and duodenoscopes. Due to its versatility, EO is the most widely used sterilant method for healthcare products.

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Propylene Oxide

We supply Propylene Oxide (PPO), which can be used to control microbiological spoilage and as an insecticidal fumigant. PPO is registered under EPA FIFRA regulations for fumigation of nutmeats, spices, dried fruits, cacao beans and powder, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and certain non-food materials.

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Shipped Safe to Arrive Right

We ship ethylene oxide and propylene oxide in DOT-approved, returnable, and environmentally safe containers. Every shipment is monitored through a sophisticated tracking system to ensure safe and on-time delivery.

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